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Introducing our New TWENTYFIVE50 Benching Range.

We have at Workzone, for the past three months developed a new range, named TWENTYFIVE50 BENCHING, which we believe is very well suited to the market needs.The biggest emphasis we ...
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Open Plan Designed Workplace & Sound Control

Providing an open office atmosphere is a proven strategy that promotes unity and encourages collaboration by team members, but the unintended consequences should be considered; noi...
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Furniture is Key to Productivity, Inspiration, Creativity and Collaboration.

Technology has moved from the bulky design to the super slim and sleek.  The design of office furniture has followed this trend and it too has become super slim in design.Desi...
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The Essentials of a Modern Boardroom

Modern boardrooms are where new ideas ignite, actions are put into motion and where leaders & teamwork come together. Having the right fit of modern office furniture to create ...
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Plan B Benching - a working solution

Major office furniture manufacturers in Europe and America, in collaboration with Architects, Designers and Organizations worldwide, have discovered new insight about benching prod...
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