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Introducing our New TWENTYFIVE50 Benching Range.

We have at Workzone, for the past three months developed a new range, named TWENTYFIVE50 BENCHING, which we believe is very well suited to the market needs.

The biggest emphasis we have placed in the development of this range is that the range is price right, and is suitable for all company budgets.  Especially with the economic climate and challenges we are facing. 

The Twentyfive50 Benching system is a modular, easily configured and re-configured product, and is manufactured and assembled using a support beam based leg system, with additional architectural beams for supporting reticulation trays, screening, third level storage and accessories.

The minimal structure of the Twentyfive50 Benching System make workstations feel larger and more open, offering clear lines of sight, encouraging interactive teamwork, and improves communication.

The Twentyfive50 Benching System has an integrated cable management facility, which delivers convenient power and data to workstations.  Power and data points can be located at workstation height, or just below, for easy access.

Twentyfive50 offers a unique workplace identity that can express your organizational culture and brand and creates a productive work environment.

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