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The Essentials of a Modern Boardroom

Modern boardrooms are where new ideas ignite, actions are put into motion and where leaders & teamwork come together. Having the right fit of modern office furniture to create the environment of participation and working together, creates a boardroom experience of innovation without limits.

Selecting the size, shape and style that projects your image and fills the needs of your team, makes the conference / boardroom table the most important piece of furniture, where meetings come alive and plans develop, enhancing your interaction, it is the focal point of your conference / boardroom.

Technology integration is an important element to factor in.  What you plug into? How you hide it and how to get the wires into the table? 

A functional portfolio of furniture is needed to finish these communicative areas, as in storage solutions.  Storage cabinets can be used for item display, storage of refreshments, cups & utensils as well as the required technology and AV equipment to keep your meetings running without a hitch.

Workzone has a range of solutions to suit any space, from large conference tables in board rooms, to agile and modular table systems for flexible meeting areas in open plan office's.  Workzone conference / boardroom tables set the stage for productive meetings.

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